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Rules and Regulations



The tournament philosophy is to promote high-level soccer and good sportsmanship.  Any individual or team not adhering to this philosophy will be subject to disciplinary action by the acting Tournament Director.



The Tournament Director reserves the right to make the following changes in the event of inclement weather:


1. Relocate and/or reschedule a match; 2. Reduce scheduled duration of a match; 3. Cancel a match

  • If inclement weather prevents a match from being completed during the scheduled time, the score shall stand if at least one-half of the match has been completed.

  • The Tournament Committee, the coaches of the host teams, or any sponsors of tournament activities shall not be responsible for expenses incurred by any team/club if tournament is canceled in whole or in part.

  • Coaches and players will share one side of the field; spectators will take up a position on the opposite side.  At the Oakwood Soccer Park, all spectators must stay behind the metal rail and off the turf.

  • The acting Tournament Director reserves the right to decide on all matters relative to the tournament.  His/her decisions are final.

  • All Tournament matches will be played in accordance with the Laws of the Game as issued by FIFA except as modified below.


Player Registration

Each team’s tournament roster shall be allowed a maximum of 22 players (18 can dress) for all 11 v 11 (U13 & up) divisions & a maximum of 14 players for all 9 v 9 (U11/12) & 7 v 7 (U9/10) divisions.  Player passes authorized by their respective association shall be verified and compared with the tournament roster at OPI registration/check-in.  Players must register with only one team for the duration of the tournament, divisions of play U11 thru U19, except for the use of in-club guest players not rostered in that same division of OPI, and that the roster does not exceed the max. limits, as stated above. It is strongly recommended, as a best practice, that no player participate in more than 2 (60 min) matches in 1 day.

Outside the Club Guest Players:  U9 thru U11: 4 guest players max allowed, U12 through U19: 6 guest players allowed


Player Equipment

Shoes must meet FIFA specifications.  Shin guards are mandatory.  In the event of a uniform color conflict, the home team shall change.  The home team is listed first on the schedule.


Duration of Matches

Age Group                              Prelim. & semifinal matches                           Championship matches

U13 thru U19                                            2 X 30                                                        2 X 35

U11 & U12 (9 v 9)                                     2 X 30                                                        2 X 35

U9 & U10 (7 v 7)                                       2 X 30                                                        no final

Halftime will be five (5) minutes.  The referee is the official timekeeper of the match.  All games will be running time with limited injury time.  Time will be added only for major injuries delaying the game.  The tournament director has the authority to shorten any match due to special circumstances.



All tied preliminary matches will remain a tie.  In the semifinal and final matches, if regulation play ends in a tie score, the following steps will be followed:

A maximum of two 5 minute overtime periods will be played to sudden death (first goal wins).  If still tied, penalty kicks in accordance with FIFA tiebreaker rules will apply.  Best of 5 penalty kicks. 



Each team will have unlimited substitutions subject to the following conditions and upon approval of the referee:

  1. Prior to a thrown in by either team; 2. Prior to goal kick by either team; 3. Any stoppage granted by the referee.


Standings and Tie Breakers

Group standings will be based on total points from the results of group/division matches.  Three (3) points for a win, one (1) point for a tie, (0) points for a loss.  A tie in total points within a group will be settled by the following tiebreakers in order:

  1. Head to head result (disregard if more than two teams are tied).

  2. Team with the highest goal differential.  Max. positive differential of five goals per match will be counted.

  3. Least goals allowed.

  4. Most wins.

  5. If still tied after steps 1 through 5, both teams will proceed to an available field at a time directed by the Tournament Director and take penalty kicks (FIFA best of five).

Note: U9/10 divisions will have no standings.


Wildcard Teams

Wildcard teams will be selected based on the group standings.  The team with the most points advances.  If tied they will follow the same group standing tie breaking procedure.  If three teams remain tied after steps #1-4, a three way-coin toss will give the odd team a bye for the first penalty kick (best of five) shootout to determine the winner.  The Tournament Director has the right to alter semi-final pairings to avoid team within same group or teams that have already played matches versus each other.



Age groups U13 and older will use a size 5.  U9 thru U12 will use a size 4.  The referee will provide the official tournament ball.  The home team is responsible for a backup match ball.



A referee and two linesmen will be assigned to each 11 v 11 match; one referee will be assigned to each 7 v 7 and 9 v 9 match. All finals, including 9 v 9 divisions will have a 3 person ref crew.  If no linesmen are present for a preliminary match at the scheduled start time, the referee present shall start the match using volunteer club linesmen.  Should the assigned linesmen arrive at the field, he/she shall enter the match at an appropriate break in play.



A team, which cannot field seven (7) players at the start time, shall forfeit the match.  The team forfeiting the match shall be declared the loser by a score of five (5) goals to none (0).  A team forfeiting may be considered not in good standing and face disciplinary action. It is the duty of the coaches to report to the field a minimum of fifteen minutes prior to start time of each match.



A written protest must be presented to the acting Tournament Director within one half (1/2) hour of conclusion to the match.  The acting Tournament Director will rule on the matter.



  • If a player is ejected from a match – red card by the referee – that player must sit out the remainder of the match plus his/her teams’ next tournament match.  No substitution may be made for the ejected player during the match the red card was issued.  The referee will denote this on the game report submitted to the tournament tent. The coach or manager of the player ejected must ensure the ejected players sits out the next OPI match.

  • Red cards issued after the end of regulation play or due to physical assault are subject to review by the Tournament Director and a more strenuous penalty, which is not subject to appeal, may be employed.

  • Coaches receiving a red card are subject to the same penalties as outlined above for players.  Any coach ejected from a match will not be allowed in the vicinity of the field for the remainder of that match and for his/her team’s next OPI match.

  • Coaches are responsible for the behavior of their players, team parents and guests.  No team or club official may enter the field of play regardless of the circumstances unless that person has been given permission to enter the field of play by the referee.

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