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Oakwood Soccer Club an official US Soccer Development Academy (USSDA) for boys. The academy is designed for the serious player who is interested in playing at the collegiate, professional or even national level.


The season is a ten month season, beginning with pre-season in late August,  season weekend games in the fall from September to November and spring games from March to late June, with playoffs for the region and national finals in June/July.


Training practices are three times a week with fitness programs for non-training days, to ensure peak performance throughout the season.  In the winter from Thanksgiving through the end of February the boys will train indoors at OSC, 2-3 nights per week plus fitness training. Games or training are organized for the weekend. This indoor training prepares them well for the spring season ahead. The academy falls into the league's Northeast region, playing against teams from Washington DC/Baltimore to Montreal and Boston. A national coach scouts at each league game and boys can be invited to market training and national camps.

Boys Academy soccer team

Acceptance to a team is through tryouts.  For the older, more established teams where openings are rarer a potential player should contact the boys academy coach, Kevin Bacher at You may be asked to attend some training sessions for observation and a decision is at the discretion of the coach.


The USSDA's policy are for there to be three teams U14, U16, or U18. Boys falling in between those years are consdidered to be on the pre-academy teams and the year is used for development, playing in the NE Pre-Academy League (NEPAL).  However, some players may be asked to play up a year. The pre-academy teams still have the same commitment in terms of practices and league games throughout the year.

Key Facts about Oakwood Academy:
3 US Soccer Development Academy (USSDA) boys teams - U14, U16 and U18.  A new U12 category will be added in the fall 2016.  Plus 2 North East Pre-Academy League (NEPAL) teams, the U15's and U13's. 
A girls acacdemy is planned for fall 2017.
Players play 10 months of the year, from pre-season in late August to playoffs in Late June. Fall and spring are outdoors and winter is indoors.
Training is generally 3 times a week, plus games at the weekend.
We are part of the Northeast League of the USSDA. Our opponents range geographically from Boston to New York and Montreal.
Many college coaches and US national team scouts attend games to view the players. Players can be selected to play at US market training sessions and potentially be invited to become part of / train with US national teams in various age groups.
Players do not play for their high school teams, in order to receive the highest level of training throughout the year.
Players travel from a wide geographical area to be part of the team with families traveling, in some cases an hour or an hour and a half away from Glastonbury. it is a major commitment for all involved.
Nearly all academy players desire to play at the collegiate, national or professional level.
Colleges attended are varied from competitve D I and D III schools (NESCAC and other leagues), all the Ivy leagues, state schools such as UVA, UConn, Penn State, UMaryland and a wide range of schools across the country.
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