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Designed for players whose objective is to enjoy Summer training at a high level maintaining a competitive edge in preparation for the upcoming Fall season. GTI is a supplemental Summer Training Program that promotes small group training settings while focusing on the individual, exposing every player (all age groups) to a curriculum that covers all elements of the game: Technical, Tactical, Physical, and Mental.


In addition, our players participate in competitive events/tournaments that will expose them to the level of competition they need to continue developing while enjoying the Summertime with family and friends.

Program Overview

  • 6 Weeks of Training (12 Training Sessions)

  • 2x 1.5-hour Weekly Training Sessions (GK Training included)

  • 1 Open Play Day @ Oakwood Soccer Park

  • 2 Competitive Events/Tournaments

Open to Boys & Girls born between 2014 and 2004

  • Players may join the program regardless of Club affiliation; GTI Summer Training Program is a supplemental Summer training program and does not conflict with any Club participation. 

  • All current Oakwood SC Players are automatically eligible for the program

  • Non-Oakwood Players: must reach out to our Program Director: Danilo Martins for registration.


  • Kick off: June 27th – August 4th, 2022

  • Location: Oakwood Soccer Park; 521 Glastonbury Tpk, Portland, CT

Events & Tournaments

  • July 9-10: Seaside Classic, Charlestown, RI (Boys & Girls; overnight stay)

  • July 16: Boys Open Play @ Oakwood Soccer Park

  • July 17: Girls Open Play @ Oakwood Soccer Park

  • July 30: Boys 3v3 Summer Challenge, Oakwood Soccer Park

  • July 31: Girls 3v3 Summer Challenge @ Oakwood Soccer Park

Training Schedule

GIRLS MON & WED | 5-6:30PM

U8 (2014) - U11 (2011)

GIRLS MON & WED | 6:30 – 8 PM

U12 (2010) - U17 (2005)

GK TRAINING | GIRLS | MON | 5:15 – 6:15PM

U13 (2009) – U17 (2005)

GK TRAINING | GIRLS | MON | 6:45 – 7:45 PM

U9 (2013) – U12 (2010)

BOYS TUE & THU | 5-6:30PM

U8 (2014) - U11 (2011)

BOYS TUE & THU | 6:30 – 8 PM

U12 (2010) - U17 (2005)

GK TRAINING | BOYS | TUE | 5:15 – 6:15PM

U13 (2009) – U17 (2005)

GK TRAINING | BOYS | TUE | 6:45 – 7:45 PM

U9 (2013) – U12 (2010)


Every player, regardless of Age Group, will benefit from following our training model and competing at the events we have scheduled. Some specific Age Groups, particularly the ones going through changes in playing format and competitive platforms (outlined below), will also benefit from the program:

  • 2014s (U8 going U9): introduction to 7v7 and Regional Competition

  • 2013s (U9 going U10): boost up elements of 7v7 and preparation for Fall Regional Competition

  • 2012s (U10 going U11): introduction to 9v9 and preparation for Regional Competition

  • 2011s (U11 going U12): boost up elements of 9v9 and preparation for Regional Competition & Pre-Academy Competition (OSC Players)

  • 2010s (U12 going U13): introduction to 11v11 and preparation for MLS Next & Girls Academy Competition (OSC players)

  • 2009s (U13 going U14): boost up 11v11 elements in preparation for Regional Competition, MLS Next & Girls Academy Competition (OSC Players) 

  • 2008-2004 (U15 to U17): Preparation for MLS Next, GA Fall Season, as well as High School Tryouts & Season

This is also a great opportunity for non-Oakwood Players to play with Pre-Academy and Academy players, as well as be trained by our experienced and qualified Oakwood coaching staff.


  • 12x 1.5-hour Training Sessions (6 wks of Training)

  • 1x Out-of-State Tournament (Rhode Island) *

  • 1x 3v3 Summer Challenge

  • Open Play/Scrimmage at Oakwood Soccer Park

  • Goalkeeper Training

  • Nike Uniform Kit:

    • 2x Jerseys

    • 1x Shorts

    • 1x Socks


* Families are responsible for all travel arrangements and expenses.

COST: $425

*Payment Plan available

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