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All team must complete this electronic check-in procedure exactly as detailed below.

Everything must be turned in electronically by May 17; there will be no on-site registration.

Collect the following:



3. MEDICAL FORMS FOR EACH PLAYER - use your club's forms



Take the above documents and create 3 PDF's:

PDF #1 is your roster and passes; 6 page max

A copy of your Approved Roster & copies of each Player and Staff Pass.  If the player pass is "two sided", we need the side with the players name and birthdate including guest players for each player participating. You must include coach’s cards and manager’s cards in this document.


PDF #2 is your Perm to travel (if applicable) 1/2 of your team's medical forms (this PDF can be 11 pages max); 


PDF #3 is the remaining 1/2 of your team's medical forms (10 pages max)


Submit/Email the PDF's to:

Boys Teams -
Girls Teams -

In the subject line of the email include your complete team name, age group and gender of the team: Example: "U14 Girls Oakwood Attack"


Approval Process

Teams will be notified via email when they have been successfully registered.


At The Tournament - Very Important -

You must have your State Approved Roster, players cards and staff cards, individual player medical release forms available at all games for review. Teams failing to provide this documentation if requested will forfeit all matches.


GUEST PLAYERS (can be added to roster up to May 22)


  • Obtain the guest player’s current player card and medical release form

  • Add the guest player to your roster copy. Please handwrite their full name, unique jersey number, player identification number and birthday below the existing rostered players.

  • Include Guest Players’ player card with the rest of your team information when emailing documents

  • Do not email medical release forms for guest players but you are required to have them present at all games.

Special Note on Guest Players: US Club Soccer teams may only take guest players registered under US Club Soccer, and USYSA teams may only take guest players registered with properly stamped USYSA player pass cards.


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