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Revised 1/8/16


A.  Any player, manager, or coach, ejected from a league game must leave the soccer arena and retire to the locker room or clubhouse, or face further disciplinary action. Any normal ejection shall result in a one-week suspension and a minimum of one game missed. If a longer suspension is warranted, the team rep. will be notified by mail or phone. Suspensions carry over to ALL leagues and divisions played at Oakwood.

B.  Any player receiving a second red card in the same 8-game season may be suspended for the remainder of the league season with no refund fees.

C.  Normal recommended suspensions are below. They may be altered by the discipline committee.

  1. Foul and Abusive Language Ejection: 7 days and/or next league match.

  2. Persistent Misconduct After a Caution: 7 days and/or next league match

  3. Violent Conduct/Serious Foul Play: 14 days and/or next two league matches.



D.  “Major” ejections will result in a minimum suspension of the remainder of the session. The recommended lengths are 8 weeks- 1 year based on the severity of the incident. Major ejections are not limited to the list below.


  1. Causing physical harm to an opponent due to any act of violent conduct.

  2. Prolonged violent conduct refusing to stop fighting, more than impulsive action.

  3. Any attempt to physically harm a referee.

  4. Verbal threats and/or intimidation to the Referee or Oakwood staff.

  5. Any acts of vandalism to the facilities.

E.  A team will be put on automatic probation for an undetermined period of time for:

  1. Any bench clearing incident.

  2. Two or more red cards in one session.

  3. Persistent failure to follow OISL rules and policy.

  4. Any major ejection by a rostered player.

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