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- 1 day events
- 3 or 4 game guarantee; all matches 1 x 26 mins
- Matches are on Fields 1 or 2 unless denoted
- Dates & times are subject to change
- Maximum team roster size is 18 players
- All Divisions Play 6v6 (Including GK) except Adult Co-Ed and U12 and Younger Play 7v7 (Including GK)



PHILOSOPHY - The tournament philosophy is to promote indoor soccer play through good sportsmanship.  If any individual or team does not follow this philosophy, they will be subject to disciplinary actions by the tournament director.

DISCIPLINE - Any player receiving a red card will be suspended for the remainder of the tournament.

FORFEITS - Forfeits will be recorded as 6:0 result.

PROTESTS - All protests must be written and made within a half hour of the match completion. The acting tournament director will rule on all such matters.

STANDINGS - Standings will be determined by points.  3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 for a loss.



  1. A player must register with only one team in a division.

  2. Maximum number of players per team is 18.

  3. The use of an unregistered player will result in forfeiture.  The team and player will be subject to disciplinary action by the tournament director.

  4. All rosters must be handed in to the front desk prior to your first match.  Submitted rosters are frozen, no additions will be allowed.

  5. Youth teams should be prepared with proof of age such as a player pass.


REFEREES - There will be one referee present at all games.

LAWS OF THE GAME - The laws of the game are the same as professional indoor with some variation.  Complete copies of the Oakwood Indoor Soccer League Laws of the game are available at the front desk. We

suggest you read the summary of laws sheet as provided.


LAW VII DURATION OF THE GAME - All group matches are one 26 minute period unless otherwise stated.  There are no overtimes in the preliminary games.  Games ending in a draw will stand as a tie.  There are no time outs. 

Semifinal & Championship matches will also be one 26 minute period.  Semifinal & Championship matches ending in a tie will be followed by one 10 minute golden goal overtime.  If still tied at the end of the overtime period, sudden death penalty kicks (1 for 1) will determine the winner. 


With the approval of the tournament director and only if time allows, coaches of the finalists can agree to play a second 10 minute sudden death overtime period if still tied after the first overtime.  If the game is still tied after the second overtime, penalty kicks (1 for 1) will determine the champion.  Please note that in tournament play there are no guaranteed substitutions in the last two minutes of the game.




Group Standings Two Team Tiebreaker: If two teams are tied in points:

  1. Head to head

  2. Goals for minus goals against (maximum positive goal difference recorded per game is +6.  There is no maximum for goals against).  Example:  12-2 is recorded as +6 for the winning team, -10 for the losing team.

  3. Goals against

  4. Sudden Death mini-game, max length 10 minutes.


If three of more teams are tied in points:

  1. Goals for minus goals against (maximum positive goal difference recorded per game is +6.  There is no maximum for goals against). Example:  12-2 is recorded as +6 for the winning team, -10 for the losing team.

  2. Goals against

  3. Sudden Death mini-games, max length 10 minutes. Coin toss gives one team a bye.



  1. Only best Second Place or Third Place Group finishers are eligible for the wildcard spot to be decided by:

  2. Most Points; if two are tied a sudden death mini-game (max length 10 min will take place).

  3. If all three second place group finishers are tied in points then one team will be eliminated by using the same criteria as listed for Group Standings (if three are more teams are tied in points). The remaining 2 teams will play a mini game to decide the wildcard spot.

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