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Adult Soccer, Co-Ed Rules, Regulations and Policies


Revised 1/5/11




The Coed divisions are a non-competitive alternative for male and female recreational soccer players. It is our goal to keep the level of intensity low. The rules of all Coed divisions are specifically designed to protect female players and to encourage their involvement in the game (eg: all free kicks are required to be taken by females). Females seeking higher levels of competition should inquire about the Monday night Women's league.


2.         LEAGUE STANDINGS:   


            League Standings are web posted.

            We will attempt to group teams by ability.


3.         PLAYER REGISTRATIONS:      


  1. No more than 14 players may dress for a game.

  2. All players must be 18 years of age or older or a HS Senior.

  3. Coed teams may have a floating roster of more than 14 total.

  4. Substitutes for Coed teams can be obtained from the sub-list which is maintained by the league office. Sub participants may be eligible for play only on nights which they are not on a roster of a participating team.

  5. A Coed player may register with only one team per night.

  6. In the case a team is missing players and no substitutes are available, you may have a loan player from another team, but only to give your team one more than the minimum number of players, 3 female, 3 male, and a goalkeeper, unless waived by both team representatives.


The Oakwood Indoor Soccer League Laws of the Game will be followed with the below listed modifications: (Complete Laws of the Game are posted and available at the front desk.)


Law #3            Number of Players:  Seven versus seven, three male field players, three female field

players. Goalkeeper can be either male or female.


Law #4            Players Equipment:  All teams must have the same shade of colored shirts.  Goalkeepers must wear a different color than both teams.  Only goalkeepers can wear long pants.  All players must wear shinguards.



Law #12          Challenge Rule:  Applies to all Coed divisions.  When a woman has possession of the ball, no man shall approach her within six feet, with the intent to take the ball away.  Intimidation (no contact) by a man, within six feet will also be considered a challenge and is illegal.  Play will be restarted with a direct free-kick.  Male goalkeepers are exempt from the challenge rule within their own penalty box. 




Law #12          Dangerous Play:  The rules are specifically designed to protect the females.  Anything considered to be dangerous, flagrant, or out-of-control, will be called.  No slide tackling by any field players.


Law #12          Hard-Kick Rule:  If in the opinion of the referee, a hard and dangerous kick above the knees is taken, and the ball comes within playing distance of a field opponent, a direct free kick will be given from where the kick originated.


Law #12          Free-Kicks:  All free kicks must be taken by females.  Goal kicks and offensive fouls in the penalty box may be taken by the goalkeeper.


  1. GENERAL POINTS:         


  1. No alcoholic beverages may be consumed in the soccer arena.  If a player is intoxicated, the player will not be allowed to play and may be suspended from the league indefinitely.


  1. The men’s and women’s locker room is open to Adult soccer players.  It is the captains responsibility to ensure all team members follow the locker room rules.  Any team member found not abiding will be subject to expulsion from the league.


  1. Additional parking is available at the Hartford Hospital Medical building.  Parking on Oakwood Drive is illegal.


  1. It is the responsibility of coaches, captains, and representatives to convey all of the rules and regulations to your respective team members.


  1. Each week the team captain should check in at the front desk for information regarding schedule changes, future events, etc…

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